Q: Are these products gluten free and/or vegan?

A: Absolutely! 

Q: How much should I use on my tattoo?

A: Use as much as is needed.  Different climates, skin types, and even personal hydration will affect your skin and tattoo.  We suggest you don't let your tattoo dry out, and keep it supple by applying Surly Sam's or Lady Luck Tattoo Salve as often as needed.

Q: Does your product clog pores?

A: Short answer: no.  Our artists are impressed at how the needles of their tattoo machines don't clog, either.  

Q: Do your products have any preservatives?

A: Great question! Just so we're on the same page, a preservative is something that's added to a product to help preserve it against decay. Some products on the market might have artificial preservatives (chemical substances) added to help keep their product from decaying. So, no our products do not have any preservatives. To extend the life of your jar of product, simply store in a cool, dry place (like the fridge).

Q: Can I use this for microblading?

A: Absolutely!  Your eyebrows will thank you!  Many customers tell us their eyebrows don't even scab over when they use Lady Luck Tattoo Salve daily after their microblading appointment.

Q: I'm getting a tattoo removed, can I use this?
A: Definitely!  Tattoo removal is a trauma to the skin and you will reap the same benefits of seeing less inflammation, speeding recovery time, and encouraging healing while discouraging germs--just as if you were using this to get a tattoo.  Apply as often as necessary to keep skin supple while it's healing (don't let the skin dry out).

Q: Can I use this on older tattoos or a tattoo that isn't healing?

A: Yes, yes, and yes!  Even diabetics (whose bodies don't recover as quickly as a non-diabetic) have had great results after discovering Surly Sam's products.  You will need to be diligent in applying the salve to a tattoo that isn't healing, and be patient--results can take a little bit longer on angry tattoos, but they will come.  Older tattoos will "pop" when you use Surly Sam's regularly--you'll be able to tell!  In fact, take a before and after photo then tag us so we can see, too.  We love to see how our product heals and restores!

Q: Do your products expire?
A: It's safe to say that if the product hasn't been in extreme conditions (mainly heat and light), it will last up to two years from your purchase date, assuming you still have some after that amount of time!  To extend shelf life, store in the refrigerator or a cool, dark place.

Q: My tattoo artist says she has ADD and anxiety and that using Lady Luck while tattooing helps her focus and stay calm--can this be true?

A: Lavender essential oil is very well known for creating a sense of calm and helps relax anxiousness, so yes, this can be completely true!  Lady Luck is a fan favorite because of it's lavender scent, but the scent has many added benefits (it doesn't "just" smell pretty)!

Q: I saw a review on Instagram where a lady used this on her hair and cuticles--can you use this for those purposes?
A: You betcha, you can!  Many women use Lady Luck on their hair, skin, dry heels, hands and of course cuticles.  Several customers enjoy applying Lady Luck after exfoliating in the shower--it'll keep your skin soft and smooth all day long. Men find that Surly Sam's is now their go-to for beard treatment and hair care.

 Q: My tattoo artist says he hasn't heard about Surly Sam's but I want him to use it to apply my tattoo--why hasn't he heard about you?

A: Great insight! We are a young company who has worked with our local artists FIRST, and are now branching out online and overseas.  Our local artists love our product and the demand has risen, so we are ready to share Surly Sam's with the world!  Have your artist contact us and we'll send them a sample so they can use it while applying your next tattoo!