Surly Sam's or Lady Luck--What's the Diff?

Surly Sam's or Lady Luck--What's the Diff?

Surly Sam's or Lady Luck--What's the Diff?

Surly Sams and Lady Luck, what's the difference?

Okay, we get it, there’s some confusion; our bad.  We created Surly Sam’s Tattoo Salve first, fell in love with him, honestly; it was a true bromance at first sight.  But then we saw the naked truth: he needed a she. As much as we loved him, we realized that not all artists or their clients want to smell like Surly Sam’s looks (which is AWESOME, by the way); so we created Lady Luck.  She’s the ying to his yang and is just as fierce in the fight to decrease inflammation, repair and protect skin, and promote healing.

Lady Luck offers a more "feminine" scent, while Surly Sam’s has more of an earthy, “manly” smell.  We do notice that our female artists love our Lady Luck products and our male tattoo artists swear by our Surly Sam’s products, but we also have entire tattoo shops (full of men) that prefer Lady Luck as their go-to glide.  

BOTH get the job done.

BOTH smell amazing.

BOTH have supporters that swear they'd never use anything else.

So, the long and short of it is: personal preference.  And we love this fact, because options are the spice of life!

We’re honored to offer both product lines underneath our flagship--Surly Sam’s Tattoo Care.  So, pick your favorite and let us know which one you like best!

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