About Us

We’re inked people and know how red and angry fresh tatts can be, especially in sensitive areas--we’ve been there, done that! Being a diabetic and a cancer survivor, some of our tattoos just weren't healing right--if at all--despite all the different tattoo products we'd tried throughout the years. 

Tired of investing in tattoo lotions and aftercare that wasn't getting the job done, and being conscious of the chemicals we were putting into our freshly inked skin with those products, we decided there had to be a better way--thus, Surly Sam's Tattoo Care was born! 

Our love for natural, wholesome ingredients combined with our decades of knowledge and experience with natural and organic products brought Surly Sam's to life.  Shortly after Sam arrived on the scene, we created Lady Luck; offering a new scent with all the same healing properties as Surly Sam's. 

All of us inked people know that the tattoo process is a trauma to the skin, but Surly Sam's and Lady Luck rise to the challenge by helping your skin through this trauma, instead of making it work harder by introducing parabens, petroleum, and other chemicals into the wound.  Besides being life-support for new tattoos, our products resuscitate old, faded tattoos and bring them back to life.  And all this makes us feel good--real good.

We sleep well at night, knowing we've made a responsible, effective and natural offering to the tattoo world.  We "ohhhh" and "awwww" every time we see a tattoo that's been touched by our products, and love to hear how much our artists love using our salves as glide. 

We care deeply about our clients and customers, and thank all our followers that have found the truth about our product: it's the GOOD stuff!







Surly Sam’s Tattoo Care--it’s the GOOD STUFF!